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Dental Photogrammetry

 Photogrammetry has set the highest standard for full arch accuracy in digital dentistry for edentulous patients with multiple implant fixtures. An easy scan in under 15 seconds captures enough detail on scanbodies that help the software capture the location of the fixtures at micron level accuracy for a perfect passive full-arch



  • Large savings in valuable chair time due to the easy scan process and the rapid measurements

  • Predictable outcome as the result is independent of the skill Level of the user.

  • Elimination of costs for materials for taking the impression for multi-implants.

  • No re-tries as the first part will have a perfect fit.

  • No Verification as the scan data is accurate to produce prosthesis even modeless

  • No stressful impressions. The scan-capture and the capture of the gingiva are rapid and comfortable compared to taking an implant impression.

  • The technology eliminates try-ins as the prosthesis will fit perfectly.

  • Improved comfort of the patient due to the quality of the fit of the final restoration.

  • Possibility of much shorter treatment times as early/immediate load protocols are very possible

Photogrammetry DEMO in your Clinic

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